If you can't tell, the Miyao Brothers & The Mendes Bros are probably our favorite Jiu-Jitsu players of all time. We're such fans of the Miyao Bros that we had to get them on the WVSN CREW.


Let's start with Joao VS Bruno. Bruno happened to be an amazingly 5 time WORLD Champion. The Miyaos, being twins entering their first World Championships as black belts, both made it to the finals of their own divisions. That just tells you how great these kids are. It was such a close match and for Joao's first WORLD as a Black Belt and it all came down to referee decision? That's amazing. At the end, Bruno got his 6th title.

Next match was Paulo Miyao VS Gui Mendes. Gui is an experienced black belt, probably the best guard passer in the Light Featherweight division and 3 time WORLD Champion.

He has some amazing pressure and pretty much tapped all his opponents that day except for Paulo. I thought Gui was going to pressure Paulo and pass the guard but the Miyao's guard is amazing and was able to keep Gui away from passing the guarda! This match was also pretty darn close, so close that Gui just won by an advantage. Paulo was so devastated that he didn't get his advantage at the end and the gold, he cried on the mat showing how much he wanted this. That right there is passion.

Overall, I think the Miyao Bros did amazing for their first black belt world tournament. To beat black belts that's been black belts before they were training is amazing and shouldn't take it too hard. And losing to two of the best in the division by a hair, that's not too bad either. I love these guys and what they have done in the last couple of years. It shows that if you work hard... you know the rest.


And Rafa won his division as well, and I guess there's this new guard called Wormy? Forget all that basic, play worm breh!

by Al



Here's my recap of this year's Worlds...

Thanks to everyone that bought our t-shirt at the Budo Video booth. We've sold out completely and will not be selling them online but make sure to check our other stuff we have available.

Congrats to all the athletes that made it to the podium and represented us on the mat. Thank you for all the support.

Ruben Coronado of ATOS San Diego - Bronze Medal Blue Belt Feather Division.

Huben ATOS

Mason Monsevais of Mendes Bros/ATOS Costa Mesa - Silver Medal Light Feather Blue Belt Division.


Dillon Danis - Marcelo Garcia New York - Gold Medal Medium Brown Belt Division


Gabriel Arges of Gracie Barra / Romulo Barral - No idea what weight but he got gold in his division.


And to everyone else that represented us as well.

Action Jackson

To anyone I've missed, I apologize, IBJJF didn't want to hook me up with a press pass.

by Al