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Do you ever feel so comfortable in life that it’s difficult to find a new hobby, niche or interest? That’s how I usually get and it takes OCD to kick in in order for me to start moving. Getting older opens up your mind in a way that others might not understand. If I bring a friend to an unknown place the vibe is usually not right so I usually search for things that spark my own interest.


I hollered at an old friend, Mark Sebastian. We used to mess with cars back in the days but he’s moved on directing music videos, shooting high end models and doing all the cool shit like using a camera crane. I was thinking of purchasing one so I accompanied Mark to one of his projects. He said they were shooting BTS videos of a music release party which is way out of my comfort zone and to make it worse, it was in the club.


All in all it was a great time and it was a plus to see Kero One perform. I forgot who took these two photos but thank you!

(Photo by: Mark Chua)

And thanks to Mark for helping me out.

by Al