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Back in the days, I used to be big into Honda Ruckus’s. Actually, don’t mean to brag but, we started this whole movement here in Norcal. I got some friends into it and now they’re the frontrunners of this whole thing.

Thanks to STEADY GARAGE + KEVIN & CREW for hooking up a ride for me to mob with the guys for a few hours. I will be building another one soon and let these youngins know what’s up.

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At the very last minute, we decided to head down to the KO Finisher event in SoCal. The tournament was great and the Superfights were actually pretty awesome.  To say the least, we had a productive weekend.

Something you don’t see regularly at BJJ events is the dope, Hip Hop Chess Federation.  The founder of HHCF, Adisa Banjoko, is an avid BJJ practitioner and well connected in the Hip-Hop community.  They had a few celebraties like The RZA and some Mexican dude from an awesome TV show.

IMG_6286 IMG_6288


You still want your black belt? This is what happened at the event when Kurt Osiander promoted one of his guys to Black belt. WHIIPPPSSS!!


Jimmy Creonte representing! Submitted all his opponents to win Weight & Absolute division.


Gang Signs.


The men of the hour, Adisa x Kurt. Two of the most awesome dudes in our circle.

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For the last few years, who I thought was a front runner of our sport was the guy that was winning events or who has the biggest schools. But all that changed a couple of days ago.

Dave Camarillo has been traveling around the world spreading Jiu-Jitsu in unique ways. Introducing BJJ to unknowns, to the weak, to the unfamiliar. Introducing uncomfortable things that will actually benefit you in a threatening situation. The way he teaches seminars is amazing. He makes it look so easy, comfortable and reads body languages of people.

Here we are at Zappos HQ capturing the self defense seminar lead by Dave with the help of Jay Pizarro & Tony Amigleo.  Big thanks to Tony for putting this event together.

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YES, it’s been quiet on our blog lately. That’s because we’ve been busy providing our services  to everyone. Everything from printing t-shirts, stickers, and patching GI’s. Swag for representing their schools. It’s best to follow our Instagram or Facebook, we’re more active there.

Don’t worry we’re slowly building our webshop with our own products but we’re in no hurry.

Over the weekend, we attended SF OPEN to support some of our WVSN CREW members. I was straight up being lazy and took photos right from the stands. We will try to update our blog more often. My goal was to update daily but customer service first…




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We got some Jiu-Jitsu Battle crew neck online. Go now before it’s gone!

Go hit up our webshop.

The message behind the design correlates to the essence + motion of Jiu Jitsu as being a fluid form of martial arts which like the ocean can promote a tidal wave of force from settled + calm waters.


Bow + Arrows:
These two crossing arrows symbolize the collaborative effort.

These symbolize earned belts, stripes + degrees one earns through the traditions of Jiu Jitsu training/lifestyle.

A geometric parallel to balance + attaining such sound strength by allowing elements to carry an equally distributed amount of weight.

Plus/Equal Symbol:
This emblem also harkens the message of collaboration amongst entities to equate to a positive force / outcome.


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Didn’t know what to post for New Year’s Eve so here’s a video of Eastside getting a strike in our little WVSN Bowling party.

Just wanted to wish all you guys a New Beginning. Use it wisely.

But also thanks to all the homies that have helped us get here, you know who you all are. And to all of you guys, our supporters… Thanks for f*cking with us.